Event Kiosk Program

Our Event Kiosk Program allows you to rent a unit for a certain event, as long as you may need it.

Event Kiosk Program Details:

  • Includes your choice of Kiosk and keys (canvas liner or transfer truck available depending on the unit chosen)
  • We schedule shipping and pick up
  • You let us know when and how long you need the kiosk for and we will set up a program tailored to your needs.

Security Features:

  • Double Lock Door
  • Anti-tamper Protection
  • Lockable Delivery Hopper
  • Chute Closer

Contact us today for more details and we will get a program set up for you!

Need help getting the word out about your Event?

Our Spread the Word Program was designed to let your community and those around you know they can make their vote count without having to wait in a long line to cast their vote. Our exclusive marketing campaign will advertise your rental kiosk, explain why it is important and showcase information about your event through postcard mailings. Learn more here.