Having a Drop Box with enhanced security features can make the difference between a safe Drop Box, and a compromised one. Look at some of our ways that ASC continues to stay in the lead with our security features.


Our trusted Ballot Drops are affordable, rust-free, and low maintenance, which is ideal for any busy community. With 24/7 access, 365 days a year, our Ballot Drops allow secure absentee and mail-in voting, which is ideal for any on-the-go voter. Our cabinets are delivered, assembled, ready to install, and require minimal maintenance. Leaving you with the lowest total cost of ownership. Contact our highly experienced team to assist with any of your Ballot Drop needs!

Standard Drop Box Security Features

Every Ballot Drop Box comes standard with several security features. Each security feature is designed to create peace of mind for you and your clientele. Our 18-gauge brushed stainless steel optional material upgrade ensures your cabinet is durable and tamper resistant. This will prevent anyone from carving into it to obtain any of the substances or items inside. Our stainless steel comes standard with a lifetime warranty and is a maintenance free material. At American Security Cabinets, we go above and beyond to ensure your investment remains secure and intact for years to come. Check out the video to see our break in attempts on a stainless steel box.

Drop Box Security Feature: Anti-Phishing/Tampering

When ASC was designing our ballot boxes, we focused on keeping the ballots as safe and secure as possible. The restricted 1/2″ opening allows voters to insert their ballots yet does not allow them to open the chute wide enough to reach back into the box. The ASC one hand chute design provides advanced anti-phishing and anti-tampering technologies to protect your ballots. The upward sloped entry , along with the false ledge, prevents vandals from trying to destroy the ballots by dumping liquids and other contaminants inside the box. Additionally, the sloped design protects the ballots from being phished back out as it is nearly impossible to pull a ballot back over the false ledge and thru the restricted ½ inch opening.

Drop Box Security Feature: Access Door

Making sure the access door is secure is as important a concern as the hopper security. When you purchase an American Security Cabinet Ballot Drop Box, you are investing in protection throughout the entire process. The access door has an anti-pry, false wall feature, making it virtually impossible to gain access, without both keys. Additionally, the double-bitted registered keys cannot be copied. Each Drop Box double locking system meets DEA requirements 1317.75(g). Our cabinet comes standard with these drop box security features including the steel wedge anchors.