About Us

American Security Cabinets, founded in 1976, has over 40 years of experience serving communities by offering high quality, safe, and secure collection methods. With decades of experience in the field, we are committed to providing solutions that are ideal for any community.

Our trusted Ballot Drops are affordable, rust-free, and low maintenance, which is ideal for any busy community. With 24/7 access, 365 days a year, our Ballot Drops allow secure absentee and mail-in voting, which is ideal for any on-the-go voter. Our cabinets are delivered, assembled, ready to install, and require minimal maintenance. Leaving you with the lowest total cost of ownership. Contact our highly experienced team to assist with any of your Ballot Drop needs!

Made in the USA

Made In USA

We sell directly to the agencies, businesses, and organizations that use our products. Every Ballot Drop we ship is built in our St. Cloud, MN production facility by our highly experienced staff, using 100% U.S.A. made materials. All prices shown or made are U.S. funds only. 

Long-lasting And Durable

Our Ballot Drops are made from high grade, heavy gauge, brushed Stainless Steel with over 65% of the material being recyclable. All stainless-steel parts and assemblies have a Lifetime Warranty against rust-through corrosion, guaranteeing an excellent product. ADA compliance offers one-hand delivery at ADA height. 

Long lasting and durable
A new way to vote

A New Way To Vote 

Voters no longer have to wait in long lines, take time out of their workday to vote, or purchase postage for their ballots. With secure absentee and mail-in voting, voters can submit their ballots when the time is convenient for them. The pressure is now off of them and they can rest assured knowing their vote is being counted whenever they choose to submit their ballot.